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Jan 28, 2021

Donna J. W. Munro’s pieces are published in Dark Moon Digest # 34, Flash Fiction Magazine, Astounding Outpost, Nothing’s Sacred Magazine IV and V, Corvid Queen, Hazard Yet Forward (2012), Enter the Apocalypse (2017), Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths II (2018), Terror Politico (2019), Burning Love, Bleeding Hearts (2020), Borderlands 7 (2020), Gray Sisters Vol 1(2020) and others. 

Her upcoming novel, Revelations: Poppet Cycle 1, will be published by Omnium Gatherum in 2020. Contact her at or @DonnaJWMunro on Twitter.

Bonus Content Author Interviews are not produced in studio and will vary from our Short Story productions.